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Thread: Deca

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    Whats the deal with deca ? I've read and heard alot about it but everyones info seems opposite the others. One time I hear you lose your libido the next time I hear it raises it. One time I hear its for mass then I hear its for leaning and getting hard. What does deca really do? What kind of results should you expect from it and how long till you see results? Thanks!!!

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    Chances are high to loose libido if not taken with Test

    Results? Too many factors involved to speculate. Depends on Diet, Training, Doses, Stacking, and the unkowable factor-Genetics
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    Well I can say I am no expert on Deca , I am sure some of the vets or mods could really help you out far more than I can, but I can tell you my last cycle last summer consisted of the following

    weeks 1-12
    500mg test per week monday/thursday shots
    600mg deca per week mon/thurs
    week 1-4
    40mg dbol e/d

    The Deca really didnt not kick in till about the 6th week but then it all hit like a ton of bricks the end result 14 solid lbs, keep in mind clean diet and about 3800 cals per day.

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    Pheedno hit it on the head. It typically decrease sex drive in most people, me included. Using test with it will rid you of this problem. Eq is similar to deca , but is used for leaning up. You retain less water on EQ, more on deca. So deca is typically a mass building drug. I have had few side effects from deca compared to other gear, besides deca dick. I think it is an excellent drug, but highly recommend taking test with it. Also, it shuts down your hpta pretty hard, and I believe in running clomid an extra week after deca cycles (4 weeks as opposed to three) to help kick start natural test production, and make your nuts grow back!

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    Allabs hit it right on the head, after week 5 or 6 you'll really start to feel and see why so many people love deca . If your looking for rock solid muscle,deca is the way to go. In terms of libido, i ran deca alone once and had no problems, but i heard chances are high you'll get deca dick (they dont call it that for nothin) if you dont run a test with it. I love deca and recommend it, but definitely throw a test in there to be safe.

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