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    Question about site injections

    I used kynoselen for a little while. Since you have to site inject I did it in my delt, quad, bi, and calf. Well I was thinking about doing site injects with prop/fina. The only thing is that I had a problem with the delts with kyno. The prop is a bigger pin. I play baseball and my shoulder hurt so much in my throwing arm when I threw. Would it be wise to do the prop there or just stick in the glutes and quads. Any reason why my delt hurt so much, scar tissue?

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    I am not sure why it hurt with the kynoselen. But I know prop does give some people discomfort. You could also try a number of other areas. Calves, tri's and bi's, in addition to delts, quads and glutes. I think with 3 sites (2 each side) you should be good for prop/fina ed or eod. 4 sites (2 each side) would give you 8 days before you return - that would be even better.

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    I usually just hit left Quad, Right Quad, left Glute, Right Glute and so on.

    I am not a belive in site specific injections.

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    if you need to throw a ball, dont put prop in that arm or shoulder.... I did my left bi last night with Prop/fina... and its pretty sore

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