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Thread: sust/eq

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    i have some friends that want to gain a little size and get cut ,they want to do eq/sust they have maxigain eq and sust250 amps and they want to do it for 6 weeks what would they expect to see from this cycle and how many mg of each a week should they take?

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    not long enough for them . they both should be run 8-12 weeks. It 6 weeks they will be just kicking in hard.

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    maxi gan is 50ml/50mg, thats alot of shots if you plan on running it at 400mg per week...6 weeks is worthless, why shut your self down for only a 6 week cycle...sust also needs to be shot eod and unless its your third or forth cycle i dont reccomend running it that way....pick a one estered test like cyp or enathate....they are planning on using clomid correct? run your cycle for 10 weeks....Madmax

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    Agree with the above bro`s

    6 Weeks is far to short bro.

    Sust at a minimum you want to run for 8 week and EQ for 10.

    RUn them both for 10 weeks.

    Try a cycle like this if you can

    WK 1-6 Dbol @40mg ED
    WK 1-8 Sust250@500mg WK
    WK 1-10 EQ@400mg WK
    WK 8-12 WInny@50mg ED
    WK 12+ Clomid

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