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Thread: Eq,and Creatine

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    Eq,and Creatine

    I'm new to this board and have been working out naturally for the last 6 years. I just started eq and was wondering whethor or not to stack it with winnie? Also I've been taking creatine on and off for 5 years and don't know if I should start taking it with my eq cycle. I do gain 5 pounds of water weight from it and my friends think I'm taking shit. Im already lean and have great genetics so i'm not sure if I should take the eq with winnie or just stay with the eq and see what happens? please help, thanks

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    if you are going to stack the eq with anything, go with test.

    if you want to cut then adding winny wouldn't be a bad idea, however you should run test as well. i would not recommend eq only for a first cycle, however you have alreayd started.

    throw the winny in the last 6 weeks of your cycle if you want to lean out, or you could buy a kit and convert fina.

    all depends on your goals, bro.

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