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    what time to take clen?

    I looked and I couldn't find an answer...I usually wake up at 8am and go to bed at 1am...Also would there be any benifits to take creatine along with the clen and eca...

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    because of the long lasting effects of clen throughout the day i try to take it no later than 3 or 4 pm depending on what i am doing.

    any later and you may have trouble falling asleep, especially on higher dosages. if you are taking 6 in one day (20mcg assumed) take 2 pills every 2.5 hours until you hit your target dosage, but time it so that you can have the last dose before 4 at the latest.

    everyone reacts different but i have never experimented with dosages during the early evening to really know.

    as far as creatine goes, you may dehydrate yourself if you are doing intense cardio. i have to double my water intake if i am on creatine and clen at the same time to prevent any dehydration symptoms.

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