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    Question Opinions on summer cycle

    Hi everybody, i'm new on this board. I come from Denmark and would like your opinions on the cycle i'm planing to run in a couple of weeks.

    A little bit about myself, i'm 25 years old, 177 centimeters tall, weight 91 kilos. Have been training for approximately 8 years and done a couple of cycles before.

    What i would like to gain from this cycle is to loose som fat (summer is comming ) and put on some quality muscle without holding to much warter.

    So here it comes....

    Week 1-4 10mg d-bol ED
    Week 5-10 50 mg Winstrol EOD
    Week 5-10 50 mg Trenbolone EOD
    Week 1-10 250mg EQ a week

    I also have som T3's which i'm planing to run for 6 weeks starting in week 3 of the cycle. Have 120 0,25 pills and are planing to run them like this.

    123 4444444444444444444 333333 222222 111111 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5

    This is it, fire away....

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    The EQ should be ran for a minimum of 12 weeks, and should be ran at about 400mg/wk. You will put on some water weight from the dbol at the begining.

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    Scrap the Dbol its not what ur looking for this time. Use some prop instead. Then youll definately get what ur looking for.

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    1-12 400 mg eq
    1-12 400 test
    8-14 50 mg winnyed
    8-14 76 mg tren ed
    u will love it

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    Welcome to AR Bro

    Why not drop the d-bol and eq, add some prop to it, run it for 6-8 weeks, I think you'll be happy.


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