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    Question xenoestrogens and muscle mass

    so, i'm sitting here studying for my endocrinology exam and something hits me. estrone (from high levels of testosterone or conversion of androsteindione) mediates the actions of xenoestrogens [eg. from tofu etc] by activating the ERbeta receptors in the sertoli cells of the testes. the result of this is endocrine disruption (xenoestrogens are called estrogenic endocrine disruptors) and a drop in natural testosterone production and function.
    so, after all that my question is: does anyone know of any good studies with xenoestrogens, or more importantly, a good list of foods to avoid while on steroids or andro. or secondly a way to block xenoestrogens with an antagonist.
    any input would be much appreciated.

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    The big source of xenoestrogens I know of is any food in plastic containers. Most plastic products contain bisphenol-A, which is an estrogenic chemical.

    Anytime you eat or drink anything that has been exposed to heat in a plastic container you are getting a hefty dose of xenoestrogen.

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    Longhorn Dr., does that include Tupperware? Not the throw away kind, but the reusable ones. How much is a "healthy dose" and would this actually have an affect on you if you were taking aas? Interesting.

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