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    To add winnie or not?????

    For those of you who dont know I am currently running 12 wks of Sust @750wkly, EQ @600wkl and Drol@50mg 4 weeks. I have ran across some winstrol tabs and am wondering if I should add maybe 50mg of Winstrol daily starting at week 6? Would this have a great impact on gains. Or should I wait and maybe just run a Winstrol only cycle after this one is complete? I do plan on running an 8 week Clen cycle after clomid therapy is complete. Thoughts please.

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    if youve got em why not do em, couldnt hurt any i would be benificial towards the end of you cycle

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    if you do use them run them so it ends 3 weeks past your last eq shot then start clomid

    this way it gives you a break in btw from the drol and will harden you up nice at the end.

    esp with the clen added in at the end.

    make sure you do the clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

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    Don't forget to take your liver protectants as both drol and winny are 17aa s. Drol is very harsh on the liver. IMO I'd double up on the milk thistle, ALA, glutamine, or Tylers detox to be safe.

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