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Thread: please help

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    Not sure

    please help

    I am doing a cylce of deca and winny

    400 mgs a week for 10 weeks
    My question is how much and how long should i run winny
    and i know i need test what kind should i use.

    ps. if you are just going to flame plz dont respond, but if u can help then pl;z do

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    If you posted your stats and goals it would be alot more helpful in figuring out what you are trying to accomplish.
    I'm guessing you mean 400mg deca /wk i would run it something like this

    1-10 500mg/wk enth or cyp
    1-10 400mg/wk deca
    8-13 50mg/ED winny
    Normal post-cycle treatment.
    If you want throw in some dbol or prop to jump start the cycle.
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