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Thread: Adding in T-3

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    Adding in T-3

    ok ive been reading for hours now about t-3...i am currently on 100mg EOD of prop and 100mg ED of fina...i have 8 weeks left on my current cycle...i am on swolegenix's cutting diet and doing cardio for 45 min ED at a low intensisty before my 1st thinking of adding in t-3..i have never tried it...what should my doage be, for how long? my main concern is rebound...what can i do to combat this, and will maintaining my strict diet prevent it...i can up the cardio to twice a day after the t-3 is over with if need be until thyroid returns to normal...your thoguths please

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    check out the educational threads yourself next time

    thank cycleon for this

    One subject that keeps coming up that many people have difficulty is with properly dosing and tapering T3.

    Now while THERE IS NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER for the persistent rumor that improper t3 use will shut down your thyroid forever, it is also not something to take lightly and like all AAS, should be respected. Ive come up with a formula based on the research Ive done, and both theory as well as practical experience point that it should work well for your fat burning goals as well as give you a proper taper so that the thyroid is able to recover its normal function as quickly as possible. The key to this is having a long enough taper coming off of it. Since origionally designing this formula some will note that I have taken 5% off of the ramp period and placed it toward the back taper insted - this is because I have become convinced that in the presences of exogeneous supplementation, the thyroid shuts down fairly quickly and so the better to spend that time on the taper down.

    NOTE 1: If you have never used T3 before, it is suggested that you lessen your constant time and increase your ramp up period to determin your reaction to t3 before heavy use.

    NOTE 2: Synthroid (t4) may also be used to good effect with this formula but of course the maximums are diffferent - the ratio of t4:t3 is about 4:1 or 4.5:1 so 100mcg of t3=about 400-450mcg of t4


    Its pretty simple really – 5/40/55 is a time-based formula whereby X% of the time of the entire cycle should be spent in one of 3 periods – up/constant/down:

    RULE – 1
    5% of the time is spent ramping up to your maximum
    40% of the time is at your maximum
    55% of the time is spent ramping down to cessation (nothing)

    RULE – 2
    Each up/down period is further broken down into equal segments for each dosing level with the emphasis being the dosing level toward the end of the period.

    RULE – 3
    I dont ever recommend taking more than 125mcg per day and 100mcg will do for most. Above this amount is quite catabolic without hefty concurrent doses of AAS. There are those who advocate higher doses and it is feasible to do so but IMO the effectiveness gains above 100-125mcg are not really worth it.

    Example 1
    An example for a 20-day cycle with a max of 100mcg ED using 25mcg pills. Calculate the number of days of each period first (Notice that where the up/down period is unable to be broken into 3 exactly equal parts, the extra is put on the dose level at the last part of the period. (.5) means 1/2 a pill or 12.5mcg

    4 days 6days 10days
    5% 40% 55%
    2 44444444 33222111.5.5.5

    Example 2
    An example for a 60-day cycle with a max of 125mcg ED using 25mcg pills. Notice that where the up/down period is unable to be broken into 3 exactly equal parts, the extra is put on the dose level at the last part of the period.

    12 days 18days 30days
    5% 40% 55%
    234 555555555555555555555555 44444433333322222221111111.

    Hope this helps someone!

    there is more where that came from also

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    or for the liquidthy version
    A slow ramp down off of T3 does the trick for me..
    I put together some numbers that correlate the liquid form to the normal pill dosage

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