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    Question steroids in moderation??? safe ? effective?

    i know little about steroids , so if you are experienced please post some advice.

    i am contemplating doing a short 4-6 week cycle of deca . obviously i am afraid of the side effects. what i want to know is how likely am i to get bitch tits or f up my body if i use in strict moderation? also, will i lose everything once i come off of them? i plan on working hard at the gym after the cycle, i'm not looking for an easy way out. i just am really curious and i feel like i'm bound to use them some day so why not while i am young. how much weight can i plan to keep after being off of the drugs for months? how hard will it be for me to get the deca and the clomid and shit?

    any help is appreciated.


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    i suggest you do a little research. use the search button top-right and search for threads that answer your questions.

    a 4-6 week cycle of deca alone isn't advisable. you will make little gain on such a short cycle and it's wise to run deca with a testosterone steriod . why? well search for the answers. also search for your answers on your gyno (bitch tits) question.

    next time you post be sure to let us know how old you are, what you weigh and what your goals are.

    welcome to AR.

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    Re: steroids in moderation??? safe ? effective?

    Originally posted by joeyc197
    how hard will it be for me to get the deca and the clomid and shit?
    Wow, dont expect to get hooked up that easy, if you start reciving pm's about sources there most likely not legit.

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    Most of your questions have already been answered. Please do the research. Search the educational threads. You'll see that a 4-6 week cycle of deca only is not a bright idea. Learn the properties of the drugs your interested about (half live - how long until the drug takes an effect, side effects, about anti estrogens/aromatases, post cycle recovery, etc...). AAS is not a simple game, but a rewarding one to those who respect and understand the drugs they take.

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    Your right you dont know anything about steroids so that should be your first clue not to even think about a cycle.

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    Likely to get bitch tits??? Bro, if the cycle is planned properly and you have done enough research to give you knowledge on what your cycling, then gyno is very unlikely. You won't achieve much gains on a 4-6 wk cycle on deca . If your worried about sides then maybe you should consider EQ, primo, anavar and winstrol . Everyone is different bro so side will vary from user to user. No flame here bro, but do a little more research so that you know what will be most beneficial for your goals.

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    AGREED!!!! Research. Research, Research..Seriously, don't put anything into your body unless your know every single thing about it.

    How old are you?

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