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Thread: Gyno Symptons

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    Gyno Symptons

    Hello All,
    Just trying to get additional info on Gyno Symptoms-
    What are the first warning signs of Gyno?
    How quickly does gyno come into full effect?
    And at what point do the effects of gyno become irreversible through medication?

    As for ANTI E.
    Still trying to get a specific Anti E to ask for to take care of possible DECA D gyno as a result of progestrone.
    Last question-If you stack TEST with DECA D are you required to have anti E on stand by for both oestrogen and progestrone seeing as the Anti E for Estro. does not work for progestrone?

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    Well for me I'm doing dbol 30mgs ed and Test Enan 500mgs wk and my nipples became painful to the touch after one week.
    Bromo is recommended if your taking Deca , but you will still need nolva or arimidex as well for the Test related estrogen.

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