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Thread: Will This Work

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    Will This Work

    Can I expect good results from this workout. I am all natural.

    Monday: Chest/Calves
    AM Workout
    Pyramid Bench Press:
    12x135, 10x190, 8x230, 6x260, 4x295, 2x315
    3x12 Incline: 70lb db, 80 lb db, 90lb db
    3x12 Decline: 185, 205, 225
    4x12 Pec Dec Flies: 80lb
    3x15 Incline Flies: 35lb
    PM Workout
    4x20 Calf Press: 650lbs
    2x Superset Donkey Raises + Standing Calf Raises
    ABS: 100reps
    Cardio: 20 minute high intensity

    Tuesday: Biceps/Forearms
    AM Workout
    3x12 Standing Cam. Bar Curls: 110lbs
    3x12 1 Arm Preacher curls: 35lb db
    3x12 Reverse Curls: 65lbs cam. bar
    3x12 Straight Bar Halves: 75lbs
    PM Workout
    4x20 Forearm Curls: 75lb db
    4x20 Standing Forearm Curl: 135lb
    ABS: 100 reps
    Cardio: 20 minute high intensity

    Wednesday: Legs/Traps
    Pyramid Squats:
    20x135, 12x225, 10x275, 8x315, 6x365, 4x385, 2x405
    3x12 Leg Extensions: 315lbs
    3x12 Leg Press: 650lbs
    3x12 Leg Curls: 140lbs
    PM Workout
    Pyramid Shrugs:
    12x225, 10x315, 8x365, 6x385, 4x405, 2x415
    ABS: 100 reps
    Cardio: 20 minutes (if i can walk)

    Thursday: Back
    AM Workout
    3x12 Bent Rows: 215lbs
    3x12 Flex Lat Machine: 230lbs
    3x12 1 Arm Rows: 110lb db
    3x12 T-Bar: 135lbs
    3x12 Rear Delts: 30lb db
    3x12 Deadlifts: 335lbs
    PM Workout
    ABS: 100 Reps
    Cardio: 20 minutes high intensity

    Friday: Triceps/Shoulders
    AM Workout
    3x12 Close Grip Bench Press: 225lbs
    3x12 Skull Crushers: 110 cam. bar
    3x12 2 Hand Overhead press: 125lb db
    3xBurn Out Rope Pulldown: 80lbs
    PM Workout
    4x12 Smith Machine Military Press: 155lbs
    3x12 Standing High Rows: 115
    3x12 Lateral Raises: 30lb db
    3x12 Arnold Presses: 40lb db
    ABS: 100 reps
    Cardio: 20 minutes high intensity

    Any workouts I missed during the week.
    Cardio: 20 minutes high intensity
    ABS: 100 reps

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    Bro, you may want to post this in the 'Workout Questions' forum. You'll probaly get more responses.

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    everybody is different but stick with what works for you

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