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Thread: Clen problem

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    Clen problem

    Hey guys im currently doing pre-summer cutting cycle clen 2wks on 2wks off. Ephedrine in the off weeks. But i have this problem with clen. My hunger has gone hay wire. I can't stop eating. I've read that this is usuall but how do i controll it? Should i run clen all through with ephedrine? Any comments welcome!

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    This may or may not work for you, but it helped me with my "clen appetite"-

    When I started cutting, I kept my diet roughly the same. 5 meals throughtout the day @ 600 calories each. Usually ate according to a strict schedule(6am, 9am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm). Once I got up to 120mcg's of clen a day(plus cardio & intense training), I got super hungry and knew three or four hours between meals was way too much time. I wanted to constantly eat. So I broke the meals into smaller portions(i.e. 9 meals a day at approximately 330 calories). It's roughly the same amount of calories, but I was constantly eating. Knowing there's another shake, turkey burger, can of tuna, piece of chicken, protein bar, etc. coming an hour and a half after you ate the last one kind of curbs your voracious appetite.

    It worked for me and is worth giving a try. It's kind of difficult at work though.

    If that doesn't work, crush up some phentermine and bang some rails throughtout the day. That will curb your appetite. (J/K)

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    to curb my appetite, i sometimes open up a bag of beef jerky and eat until my jaw is so tired i cannot eat for hours. good luck

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