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Thread: impatient yes

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    impatient yes

    Dear Peoples.

    I heard what everyone had to say last time i posted. I am very impatient, I have seen all my friends get jacked quick with minimal negative effects. I am posting today to get feedback from something i am already doing and i ask for the help of you to scrutinize and maybe pick up on things that i missed.
    I am 5 10 163lbs under 10% bf well rounded in size pretty cut up.
    I am 20 years old and in good health despite half pack a day habit.
    I am eating clean taking in at least 2500 calories a day(trying for more but thats the minimum)and 300grams of protien a day.
    I am 14 days into my cycle thats 1 200mg shot of test en. every five days, and one 75mg anadrol for first ten days and now one and a half until the end roughly 33 days for the anadrol. And there will be ten shots of test throughout the cycle. I have gone from 149 at start to 163 in 14 days and i dont look "puffy" at the least. I love it and i have no side effects as of yet. After the anadrol i plan to take dbol starting at 30mgs for ten days 20mgs for five days then 10 for 10 to ween my self off.
    That is the first bulking up cycle near the end i intend to clean up with a cycle to.
    Tell me what you think of that and if there is anything i can do better or different.
    Ohh i almost forgot my workout 7 days
    day one chest,tri's
    2 back bi's
    3 legs
    4 shoulders abs
    5 off/or start over.
    I dont plan to take too many days off is that wrong my muscles just dont seem to need as much time to heal?

    Thank you thats it i think.

    disclaimer; this is purely fiction and for my fantasies only.

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    you understand that anadrol followed by dbol might not be good on your liver right? so, how long exactly are you using anadrol or dbol?? why not stick to one or the other?

    something like this..

    test 400mgs/week for 10 weeks
    dbol 30mgs ED for 4-6 weeks

    followed by clomid

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    one more thing, you arnt eating NOTHING as far as im concerned..

    before 9:30 in the morning, I've already consumed nearly 2500 calories if not that much.

    start eating, i noticed your getting a good amnount of protien, but where's the carbs?

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    Hey bro, what are you asking exactly? Your planing to take dbol and a-bombs in the same cycel? Choose one, if this is your first it should have been dbols. That is way too many orals to be running. Also you got to check your training out, 7 days is alot. When do you plan to rest? More is not nessessarily better, you should just be worried about adding weight to the bar to each of your compund movements.

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