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Thread: spot injection

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    spot injection

    I saw the recent poll on spot injections, and im assuming that people do this to increase the results on that particular part of their body. Is it possible to do an ab injection with Winstrols or Fina, and has anyone done it? or is it pointless and will have no result

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    Injecting into your abs is not advisable. Quite a few people (including myself) also believe that sport injections are pointless - very little of the gear is actually absorbed at the injection site.

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    Ryan...the only true advantage to spot injections is to prevent the buildup of scartissue at common inject sites such as glutes or quads, which is common with fina and winny as they are usually ed injects. Some people say that if you inject a few cc's into a spot it stretches the fascia, therefore allowing for more localized growth. Suspension is suspected to maybe have an actual localized effect due to it's fast acting ester, but I believe that is an hypothetical statement.

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