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    Change mid-cycle???

    I just started week 4 of 600 mg/wk test and 400 mg/wk deca . I am out of deca and have only sust left. (Wasn't able to get back to Mexico soon enough). After 4 weeks of deca, will it do any harm to switch to sust??? I plan on running cycle for 10 weeks total, I've got enough test and sust to finish it that way...

    any input appreciated!

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    You don't need to know
    Why is so hard for people to understand ?
    DO NOT start cycle until you have ALL your gear in your posession.....that means , work-out routine , protein , clomid , anti-e's etc...........
    I'm not trying to flame you but I post on this subject ALL the time on the importance of planning your cycle thoroughly !
    The best cycle is a well planned one. Research and knowledge = POWER !!
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    First off what kind of test are you running, second sust will not replace the deca . personally i would just keep running what ever test you are on and save the sust for next time.

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    NEVER start a cycle without having everything you need. Sus definetly would not be a good substitute for deca .

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