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    ok finally, will this work? advice PLEASE!!

    i've done a fair bit of bulking cycles and well now let's just say they have taken a toll on the waistline. So i've been cutting for the past 6 weeks and haven't really seen anything as far as changes go. So i've added cardio 5 days a week at 20min a day and made a few diet changes. I've cut out the milk with shakes and take them only with water now. You'd be surprise how much you actually take in once you calculate everything. Anyways, this is the breakdown of diet:

    meal 1: 3 omega3 eggs (222cal, 1carb, 19pro, 16fat)
    meal 2: 1 protein shake (340cal, 24carb, 52pro, 3.5fat)
    meal 3: 1 tuna (95cal, 0carb, 22pro, 1fat)
    1 yogurt (60cal, 9carb, 5pro, 0fat)
    meal 4: 2 chicken breasts (220cal, 0carb, 44pro, 3fat)
    meal 5: 1 protein shake (340cal, 24carb, 52pro, 3.5fat)
    meal 6: varries on what the wife cooks, chicken, turkey, rice, etc)
    meal 7: 1 protein shake (340cal, 24carb, 52pro, 3.5fat)

    so the daily breakdown not including supper would be:
    1617 cal
    246 protein

    Also, i am on:
    750mg test week/ 400mg EQ week/ 50mg Winny ED.

    Just started the EQ and Winny this week and also am taking Clen 2 weeks on/off, with ECA during off weeks.

    The first 6 weeks i was taking only test @750 a week, but now decided to add the EQ and Winny and Clen.

    Sorry for all the text, just wanted to include everything.
    Once again, i've had no luck at cutting in the past, but I am determined this time and hope everything is in order. And advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again bros!

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    review some of the post in the Diet forum,, I did and it really helped me put together a plan that so far is working good!

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    How long do you plan on running this cycle? You started the eq really late, should have started it at the beginning of your cycle.

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    Have you ever heard the phrase "You have to eat to loose"? Well it's true. If you don't eat enough your body will store fat and you will feel and look bloated. Especially if you already have a little chub going on. And you will loose muscle. The more muscle the more fat you will burn. The AS will help you maintain the muscle somewhat. But you need to eat more to loose fat and gain muscle.

    If you do a search and see my b-4 and after pics. I weighed 215 in the b-4 pic and 211 in the after pic. I never really lost or gained weight I gained muscle and lost fat pound for pound.

    Here is what I ate while doing that transformation. I had to force myself to eat these meals. It doesn't look like much on paper. But it is a different story when you actually do it. It wasn't because I wanted to eat like this it was because I had to.

    Meal 1: 5 Eggs (2 Whole 3 Whites)
    Oatmeal 1 serving
    1 Slice of Toast
    12oz Orange Juice

    Meal 2: EAS Bar
    1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese
    1-8oz Yogurt Fruit Flavored
    1/2 lb. Extra Lean Beef

    Meal 3: 1-8oz Yogurt Fruit Flavored
    1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese
    1/2 lb. Extra Lean Beef

    Meal 4: 7oz Steak or More
    Eas Myoplex Drink with Water

    Meal 5: 5 Eggs (2 Whole 3 Whites)
    Oatmeal 1 serving
    1 slice of Toast
    12oz Orange Juice

    Total Cal: 3380
    Total Prot: 349

    After I was leaned out I pushed my cal. to 5000 and prot. to 500. I started gaining muscle faster and also was loosing fat faster. It was like back in High School when I couldn't gain a pound know matter what I ate. Once you reach this point it is down hill from their. It is a great feeling you have so much energy and I felt like I couldn't eat enough. So I would try to eat more and more and I would just keep getting leaner and leaner. Obviously I still kept the diet clean. Just ate more good foods. Good Luck.

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