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    ??how Much Would I Keep??

    K BROZ....

    Im finishing my 1st cycle of Prop and Win tommorw.... I started at 196 and now im at 205...... My body has changed alot..... More vascular and my muscles are harder and bigger then ever.. I also lost 2 inch around my waist size 34 now!!!! 2 more inches and ill be good!!! i was just woundering what will be my keep gains?? How much muscle will i lose?? If anyone has any info please reply back THANK YOU!

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    run your clomid
    eat right
    work out with high intensity take a eca pill before working out
    and you will only loose the bloat with the water weight
    but if you run creatine and your a meso/endo or meso then you wont loose shit!!!!
    but if you are a meso/endo you might gain a little fat again but dont worry about it!!! Two steps forward 1 step back, thats how roids work
    take care bud
    good luck

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