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Thread: 1st cycle

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    Question 1st cycle

    i am planning on doing my first cycle but im not sure exactly what to take i am leaning toward dbol 30mg ed for weeks 1-4, deca 300 mg weeks 1-5, sust 250mg weeks 1-10 and primo 300 mg weeks 6-10 and clomid week 13-21 but not sure if i will have enough money for this cycle though, i want to gain about 15 to 20 lbs this summer, If this cylce sounds good let me know but if anybody can think of a cheaper cycle that would be good for me please let me know, my stats are 5'11" 170lb, 23 years old. I would actually only like to spend about $500 to $600 if at all possible. any info would be appriciated.

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    dbol 1-4 25mg day
    Test 1-10 400mg week
    Deca 1-10 300-400mg week
    clomid start week 13

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    Well, I don't know what kind of prices your looking at but I would run something along the lines of:
    wk1-11 500mg Enan
    wk1-10 300mg Deca
    clomid starts 2wks after last test shot.
    Nolva on hand

    If using Cyp. instead of Enan, then don't extend the test a week longer.
    Forget the dbol and stick with a 2 compound stack this time around. I jumped with dbol my first and regretted it(allthough I don't like dbol period)

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    If you are a first time user you only need 500 mg/wk Sust. You should gain about 20 lbs depending on you diet and training. Follow this up with clomid. This should only run you about $200 - $300. Don't waste your money doing a stack like that. You will do just fine runing just Sust. Save the stacking for a later cycle.


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