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    Deca and EQ. What i've noticed.

    Lots of people wonder what puts on more muscle and keepable muscle.
    I was wondering this to so i spent about 3 hours using the search key under keywords like ectomorph and meso along with deca or EQ.

    It seems like bodytype has a lot to do with which one works better. Ectomorph bodytypes "hose around 6'0 and under 165" had really crappy results with EQ compared to those that used deca in thier cycle.

    People that began thier cycle already having a fairly large amount of muscle and weight already the results were about the same with deca or EQ.

    Just a little FYI. I was leaning towards EQ because of the added hunger and other benifits but i'll have to say i'm going with deca again.

    Deca has one side effect that sucks though. While your on deca your bones and joints will feel awsome but when you're off you will feel it.


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    deca dbol test is 1 of the best bulkers ever

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    U will definately feel those joints again once ur off believe u me!

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    I've run EQ 3 times now, but I've never run it alone, nor have I run Deca , but from what I've read over the years It sounds to me that Deca is the better of the two for mass building. I like the EQ due to it's vascular nature...

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    "hose around 6'0 and under 165" had really crappy results with EQ compared to those that used deca in thier cycle.
    I doubt those people know how to train or diet correctly, or they would be well over 165 lbs. The amount of fat you hold as little to do with biochemical effects of different compounds.

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