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    Back after 2 years and need some help

    Well I have had a 1 1/2 year lay off with bodybuilding because I just didn't want it anymore, well I am back and I want it more than ever. All it too me was 2 year and 30lbs less and I am hungry again. I am 175lbs right and I just got some Sus 250 and Dbol , well should I take the 6 week cycle even thought I haven't gotten back into it like I was before?? I have been boxing so I am still fit but not as strong. Should I wait a month or 2 beofre I start again or will I still gain some meat and strength back and how long will it tak eme before I go back to 200lbs like I was. I am 20 now but I just don't want to wait forever to be like I was, I shake lifeting little weight that I used to warm up with before. What do you think I should do??

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    Wait a good 6 months and get back into it. If you were that big before you dont need any AS to get there at all. Im sure you will anyways...

    So at least use 500mg/wk and run it at least 10wks.

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