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    clenbuterol pump question?

    I just bought 100ml of Ventipulmin Syrup clenbuterol . can anyone help me with the doses and when to take them and how long? thanks alot
    each 1ml=0.025mg. I am confused the guy who sold it to me says take it two days on and two days off. I search the internet and some say two weeks on and two weeks off and some say two days on and two days off which one should I follow!

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    I use the same stuff
    I do it like this
    2 pumps (mon,tue,thurs,fri
    Week 2 up the dose by one pump
    week 3 up the dose by half a pump
    Week four up the dose by half a pump
    And so on so fourth
    Until your at about 6 pumps total a day then give it a rest for a while.

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