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    best cutting cycle???

    my boy is pumping up with me and he is ready to cut up he is 6'1 243 a little chubby. he is naturaly a guy with big muscles what would really dense him up and cut him up with good diet and cardio??? thanks for all the help with my questions..

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    prop/tren /var

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    If he is a little "chubby"i would tell him to set a goal weight to start his first cycle(say lose around 20lbs first)If he really wants to cycle this will be great incentive for him to shed some pounds.Make sure his diet is on track,if he is chubby and he is 6'1 243 losing around 20 should be obtainable if he is serious.tell him you think this is good advice to encourage him further.In the long run he will be much happier with the results.of course this is not what he is going to want to hear.JIM

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