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    Which one of these should I take?

    OK , with my cycle of 500 mg Sust and 300 mg Deca for 12-15 weeks (let's say I decide on that), which of these should I take? I did my research for a long time but for my SPECIFIC cycle and my SPECIFIC problems, what do you think?

    OK which of these:
    A) Clomid -- a must of course but let's just put it here
    B) Nolvadex -- ok, so this is to prevent gyno...I'm planning on running it throughout...objections ?
    C) Arimidex : please explain how this interacts with Nolva and AAS in general...what are pros/cons
    D) Liquidex: (same as above)
    E) Proviron : same as above
    F) HCG : same as above...this is the one I am confused about...does this make you cum more? I hope so because my cum was reduced since the last cycle...

    What should I take to increase my sperm and semen during ejaculation? I really didnt have problems with gyno and baldness but then again, I was taking ridicolously low dosages last time but still...if I don't have those probs and my MAJOR goal is to increase my do I do this?

    Sorry--I did my research but all the crap is scattered around so I just wanted it in one place from reliable people like you guys.

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    Search and you could find all these answers.

    I use a combo of Aromasin and Nolva thats what I recomend.

    Post cycle I use Clomid, HCG , Nolva

    Once you start post cycle, you will see a notice in the increase of spermeogenisis.

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