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    Canadians - gyno

    If gyno does occur. Do any of u canadian's know if its covered by health coverage to get it sergically removed? If it isn't covered, what if u lie to the doctor, saying ur on nothin?

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    It depends on the Doctor. I know a couple people that got it covered. The one lied to the doctor and the other doctor just didn't ask about juice.

    I know more people that were denied coverage because it was so obviously self inflicted and they ended up paying around $2000 for the surgery.

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    Your in luck i got mine covered no probleme. and not only that they have to do it again becaus mine is coming back.

    Also because we did test to find out how high my estrogen was they perscribed me some arimidex too.

    Anyways good luck with the doc and also they will probably try and recomend you to some general sergeon. Fuck that they dont no shit about cutting out gyno. You have to ask to see a plastic sergeon or you will end up looking worse then you did with the gyno.

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