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    What time to inject HGH?

    I keep getting so many mixes ideas about this. Can someone tell me the best time to inject GH? I have been doing half when i wake up AM and half when i go to sleep PM.


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    Hey bro, hmmmm...interesting. I always thought ur gh levels were at their lowest in the AM. But i just found this online...

    When is the best time of day to give myself Growth hormone ?

    Growth hormone normally is produced at peak levels when you are asleep. Accordingly, it is usually recommended that growth hormone be given in the evening to imitate what happens naturally in your body. However, there may be reasons to give the injection at other times of the day in certain cases. Check with your doctor for the most appropriate time for your injections.


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    I've gotten the best results from PM injections. I have done all three (split, AM only, and PM only) and the PM seems to be the most effective for me.

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