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    Blood Pressure - Normal to High

    Hey bros, i found this good piece of info on blood preasure and the ranges from normal to high.


    Blood Pressure (systolic over diastolic, read, "120 over 80"
    Systolic Pressure (when heart is beating):

    120 or less - normal systolic blood pressure
    121 to 139 - high normal
    140 or higher - high blood pressure, may indicate need for treatment
    Diastolic Pressure (when heart is at rest):

    80 or less - normal diastolic blood pressure
    81 to 89 - high normal diastolic blood pressure
    90 or higher - high diastolic blood pressure; may indicate need for treatment

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    Shiiiiiiitt....on my last cycle my b/p was almost constantly 183/115!!!! About a month after i finished it had gone down around 140/83, not too bad!

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