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    winstrol depot (zambon) and finaplex-H

    I have been looking into doing winstrol for a while. I am a pitcher and I want to put on some lean mass. I have heard by many that winstrol is the throwers steriod just don't over do it because of the joint issues.

    The cylce I think I would like to do is:
    Winny 50mg eod - 5 weeks
    Tren (Finaplix -h) eod (dosage unsure (transdermal)) - 5 weeks

    Here is where I need input. I would like to take the finaplix-h transdermal with DMSO gel. Is this an effective way and what dosage should I use as a beginner. Also what is the likeliness of Gyno with these two cycled. Would it help to throw in some Nolvadex with this cycle or another inhibitor and how show I use it. Do you think that it would be worth it and are a lot of the gains from something from this kept.

    I was also thinking to protect the liver I would use milk thistle ed
    and drink cranberry juice to ease the kidneys. Maybe even a little flackseed for the heart.

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    Your going to want to run the tren for atleast 6 but 8 would be best. Dont mess around with DMSO either. Its not as effective and youll end up smelling like shit all the time. Making an injectable is almost as easy as the DMSO. Chances of getting gyno is very very low. Neither of those compounds convert to estrogen.

    Winny 2-6 or 8 weeks 50mg ED
    Tren 1-8 75mg ED

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    chinups Guest
    If winny is like what some people say I would think about doing someting else. prop-anavar with the fina. Unless this is off season and you will not be throwing everyday cause if you are throwing everyday it may cause more bad then good.

    I am not a pro just an average reader on board. Bump for bros who are ballplayers

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    Use Test Propwith Fina to keep your dick functioning
    Good Dosage would be 75mg Prop ED/Tren 75mg ED/Winny 50mg ED
    I've done transdermal fina with androsol and it i inject and love the results. When running test I suggest using L-Dex or Letro througout and then standard clomid at the end.

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    How old Are you and what are your stats/size?

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    you should look at doing some eq to keep your joints oiled if your doing the winny.

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    Originally posted by poppapump58
    you should look at doing some eq to keep your joints oiled if your doing the winny.
    or deca but be aware that many compounds like deca and eq are traceable for a long time after your cycle.

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    Originally posted by FedSki

    or deca but be aware that many compounds like deca and eq are traceable for a long time after your cycle.
    I didnt think eq did anything that beneficial to your joints. I know deca does. Please correct me if i am wrong. And do you have reasons to back?

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    bump...............,i am thinking of doing fina and prop, winny would be great but it kills my joints, and while playing ball my body can't take it. How about if i throw some anvar in there, could i run it all 10 wks, i know anything over 8 is stress on the liver but has anyone ever tried this cycle.. thanx

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