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    this morning i was doing my first injection, previously my buddy had done them for me. i was good to go and had about 3/8 of a cc left and thought that the needle had gotten clogged. so i pushed harder on the plunger and it unclogged but the juice came out much quicker than i would have liked. i got scared when it was clogged, so i clearly pushed to hard. i had a lump when i pulled out but massaged it and it went down. now i have a slight lump, or raised spot if you will. this is my first cycle and i am somewhat paranoid. so how will i know if there is an abscess there? if there is what do i do?
    thanks for the help.

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    I don't see any reason for you to get an abcess bro. A slight lump after injections is fairly common. Just remember to relax and keep everything sterile when injecting.

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    You should be fine.

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    yup that happens.

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