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Thread: started fina

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    Feb 2003

    started fina

    alright started my fina on wednesday. the day of my second shot i got a nose bleed. so i take it its kickin in. since the nose bleeds i stopped back on alot of salt and im fine. this is my first cycle and i shot it right in ym delt. scary but i did question is where else is a good place to inject fina that will hit you hard. and how long till i start getting those crazy pumps and see some results?

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    Jan 2003
    Fina only bro? What is the overall cycle looking like? I hear calves are nice but wont know for a few more weeks for sure...

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    You can spot inject fina just about anywhere: delts, bi's, tri's, calves, quads.....ect. It might be wise for you to monitor your blood pressure on a twice a week basis. My guess is your nose bleeds are from a increase in your blood pressure. Just make sure it does not get too high for very long. The fina will take 2-4wks to really kick in whatever you noticed from that second shot was all in your head bro....sorry!
    Good luck!!!

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    I love tren it will be in every cycle i ever do....It takes 3-5 days and you will be superman in the gym....You need to make sure your drinking enough water....Delts and pec shots are the easyest to do and the painless....pec's are fun after you get around the fear ...I walk round with the pin sticking out of my chest to bug My ex gril friend

    What else are you taking with it. You should be taking test with it .
    what are your goals .....
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    thanks taking it by itself. i might get some eq in a couple weeks. im 185 now and i want to hit 200 but go down a little bodyfat if thats possible. i cant get any test prop so what else should i throw in there?

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    lol, sounds like a goddamn cocktail.

    fina only cycle will have good results. fina works well with winny or winny+prop.

    do everyone a favor and search with the "search" function at the top of this page. try search strings like, "winny fina" or "fina prop winny"

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