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    Is There Something Wrng With My Cycle??

    I m starting week 5 of test enanthate 500/wk(tornel, quality vet) & equipoise 400/wk(quality vet). I havent really noticd much strength or muscle size yet. I have put on about 9lbs but feel fatter! Is there something wrong with my gear? Why aint I seeing much yet? Im eating about 250grams ed of protein. Im 5'6" 185lbs.
    Ive done2 cycles over 2 years ago(7 weekers of dbol and sustanon . I got strong on those cycles. WHATS WRONG WITH MY CURRENT CYCLE?

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    how many grams of carbs are you eating, PROTEIN IS USELESS UNLESS YOUR EATING AT LEAST TWICE AS MUCH CARBS AS PROTEIN, especially when juicing. o and 250 grams of protei nisnt that much, you need about 300 to see any respectable results while juicing. so since u take in 250 grams of protein, get 500 grams of complex carbs a day... if that doesnt give iu results, your juice is prolly fake !!!

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    in time
    the diffierance in this cycle you have no fast acting roids like d-bol in this cycle it is to late to do the d-bol now the roids your using dont kick in until week 4 or 5 its just now kicking in how long are you going todo your cycle i hope at least 10-12 weeks 12 being better next time put some d-bol in the first 4 weeks you will see fatser results and ont more question to ask your self are mt roids real

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    add tren in week 6 it will kick in at just the right time......and boom

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    I'm sure the majority of the members on this board will agree 9 lbs in 5 weeks is pretty damn good. Both test and eq are slow acting esters and take time to saturate your cells. For this reason many people kickstart the test and eq stack with d-bols. So I would say your rolling along just fine. Besides eq doesn't start fully kickin in until about at least wk least for me anyway. Patience is key!...US

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