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    soccer/sprinting & Ephedrine

    Hey ppl, Are there any amateur/semi-pro/professional soccer players/sprinters here who have tried ephedrine in order to boost their performance.

    I've heard ephedrine gives a real boost and wanted to hear reports from users.

    I' play soccer and was thinking it may ive me that extra yard of pace

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    I take ephedra plenty ..It isn't some thing you want to take and run for a long time if you do and you don't have enough water you will have a stroke careful If you want more speed go train

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    4.34 (handheld) 40m time
    soccer games and track meets last a long time and you are constantly in the sun, not sure if that would be good with ephedrine

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    Be careful using it while playing a high cardio sport. I am not a big fan of using ephdrine and running. It all ready has the heart racing. Take a look at some of the deaths attributed from it. Do not know their dosage but I believe there is a strong correlation between the two. Just my opinoin.

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    do not take it and do cardio. so that means do not take it and play soccer. It will give you an energy boost, but with all the running you are doing you will most likely cramp up. I would take it before a weight session.... peace

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    some people might not be able to handle it, i take stacker2 and play soccer, even in the summer, just stay hydrated

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    I play soccer for my University, i decided to try Xenadrine to help give an enegy boost during preseason training. it did give me plenty of energy but it also gave me a feeling of being on drugs, almost like being doped up and out of it, especially after games and training sessions. This was taking the recommended dose of 2 pills, i cut it down to 1 pill before and seemed to help a little, this was almost 2 years ago, before they came out with the warnings of ephedrine. My recommendation would be to not use ephedrine while doing high intensity traing such as soccer, the risks are too high, ill find my energy elsewhere.

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