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Thread: cycle info

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    cycle info

    hi.i have 20cc's of deca 300 and 10 cc of test 400. I am 18 and weigh 150 i was woundering how i should stack this, and how much protien i should intake a day? thank you

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    Stack it in a cool dark place until your 23. Your 150lbs because you don't eat, food is more anabolic then gear. You can put all the drugs you want into your body with no food, you won't grow. Eat lots of food with no drugs you'll grow, you see the what I'm saying.

    Bro do yourself a favor think about what I'm saying and don't come back and say I'm going to do what I want to do. Then go a head but don't ask us for help, when your not excepting the help we give.


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    Listen to him, you will be thankfull that you did when you are older.
    Your too yound to start aas.

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