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    Question Anavar and CLENBUTEROL only! does it work?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new member in this forum and in the world of steroids . can I use Anavar and CLENBUTEROL to lose fat and increase mass with out using other steroids cause I'm very concerned with their side effects?
    would I have noticable results for a first timer?

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    You are asking for the best of both worlds. The results from such a puny stack are going to depend on other aspects, such as diet, and training. Maybe with a perfect diet and well-timed training you might just lose some fat and gain maybe some decent strength, but you could do that naturally. Trying to lose weight and gain mass at the same time is very difficult. I would have to say (if the doseages were spot-on) that you could lose weight and retain mass only. Oxandrolone is pretty weak and is typically used only in conjunction with other AAS.

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