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    Question Inflammation of a vein or artery??

    Has anyone ever experienced something called"Phlebitis" while on a cycle?
    In laymans terms it is the inflammation of a vein or artery and it is normally experienced in the leg arteries.
    What are the symptoms?
    Basically the artery is sore or sensitive to pressure and is normally swollen.
    It stands out from the skin.
    You get a deep version[which you cannot see] or a superficial version.
    Almost like a varicose vein.
    The deep version can turn into a thrombosis with blood clots etc.

    It can be caused by intravenous injections?
    But hey I get a jab in the my backside?

    Anyway I have one about 5cm long on the side of my stomach.
    Superficial version.
    Feels like a cord under the skin and if I contract my stomach muscles it stands out.

    The doc basically asked me if I was on any AS?
    Now either he just jumped to a conclusion that I may be on some AS due to the fact that I carry some extra muscle and is "blaming"the AS or maybe it is a legit question?
    I asked him if the AS could have caused it and is answer was affirmative.
    I am on a DECA only cycle[going into week 3]
    He also said that once I stopped the cycle the inflammation would go away?
    In the meantime he prescribed a cream[anti-flam cream] and suggested I give some arnica oil a try first.
    He also reckons it can be caused by an infection or injury?

    Any thoughts on this one?

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