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    Stupid math problem

    Hey guys quick question. My buddy has a 2g fkit for fina conversions this comes with 50ccs of oil how much does he dump out for just one cartridge. for example getting the end product to be 25ccs 100mg ???

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    I don't think you'll get 25ccs@100mg. That's 2500mg and you only have 2000mg worth of pellets.

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    If he has 1g of fina this is equal to 1000mg. It is just a matter of weight over volume. You said he has a 2g fina kit. I don't know how much dissolving solution his kit came with, but you would need to half it for 1000mg. Anyways, doing the math this is 1000mg/10mL= 100mg/1mL right? So 10mL of solution (this is dissolving solution plus oil) will give him a concentration of 100mg/mL and this is much too small to work with considering the huge vials they send you to mix with. 10mL's in one of these vials is not very much at all. He would be better off making a concentration of 50mg/mL or even 25mg/mL. The easist way to do it would just be to take what he has and half it for use with 1000mg of fina, but I am not sure what the final concentration is supposed to be using whichever type of kit he bought cuz they vary. Anyways lets use a final concentration of 50mg/1mL. If you do the math: 1000mg/20mL= 50mg/mL. So he would need 20mL of solution (oil plus dissolving solution) for the 1000mg of fina. You must take into consideration the dissolving solution because this adds to the final volume. The easiest way to do (if he didn't want to just use half of the ingredients for the 2g kit) would be to get the empty vial and fill it up with exactly 20mL of an easy dissolving alcohol like ethanol or even isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. After you fill it up to the 20 mL mark, use a magic marker and mark this level. You will then need empty the vial and let it completely dry (oven would help, or if you had another dispensible vial of the exact same type you would not need to worry about this part). Next he would need to figure out how much dissolving solution he has and use half of this. If you don't know exactly how much dissolving solution is in the vial, you could draw it all out with a 10mL syringe and just squirt half of this back into the vial. Now add the fina pellets or powder and dissolve. The final step would be to add enough oil to reach the 20mL mark. That's it, and it seems like more trouble than it is worth. Of course you would still have to do the filtering and all. But like I said above, the best bet would be to just use half of exactly whatever he has for the 2g kit. If he doesn't know how much the final concentration is meant to be with his type of kit, contact the makers and they can tell you. I think they usually have the final concentration somewhere around 50-75mL for 2g of fina. This would be his easiest and safest way to do it.

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