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Thread: do you get ???

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    do you get ???

    a serious PUMp off of winny....this is my fourth cycle and first time doing winny.....

    I walked out of the gym yesterday and felt great...i alomst went back a lifted more chest...but didnt want to be counterproductive...

    I didnt think winny was supposed to give you that good of a pump...

    was this all in my head?? or do you get it too.....

    I was throwing up good weight with no problem ..

    incline is my weakest and I banged out 225 no problem ....

    stats..(so you get an idea why that is good for me )

    185 lbs
    13 % bf ( not taken in a while)

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    I love winny for that, and for its hardening effects. I also always include it because your can run it right up until your post cycle.

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