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    Apr 2002

    serious q- eq & bp?

    serious feedback, please.

    silly but serious.

    have a good amout of cycles under belt but never done eq.

    was looking to run it at 600mg a week for 12-15 weeks.

    (of course w/ test.)

    anything harmful in relation to heart,bp, etc;

    figure since body is used to juice such as deca , (simliar to eq)
    body should not have an issue.

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    Apr 2002
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    No need to front load it IMO.
    Yes EQ does tend to increase BP/Red blood cell count greater than most. I've had no problems on 500mg a wk. It will depend on your own pre-disposition but if you havn't had BP problems on any other AS, then EQ probably won't cause trouble for you.

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