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    50mg finaplix : 50mg synovex prop help

    i read somewhere in a thread that you can convert fina and synovex prop at the same time to come out to 50mg of fina and 50mg of synovex h test prop. just wondering if anyone had the directions for the conversion. any info would help. thankx

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    im just curious why you would want a 50mg/50mg concentration...if i were doing it i would make the tren 75 and the syno 125 for a very potent combination.

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    I highly doubt that. Synovex-H contains test prop and estradiol benzoate. Finaplix -H contains only trenbolone acetate. The fina conversion is fairly simple compared to the synovex conversion, where the estradiol must be separated from the test. If you converted the synovex the same way or at the same time as the fina, your shots would contain 10mg of estrogen for every 100mg of test prop.

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