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Thread: deca with winny

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    deca with winny

    Alright based questions ive asked and answers ive received i need to do some reasearch... rather than running deca by itself...what do i need with it and how much...i think i have a source for winny but not sure.Im not going any further until someone can me a legit far im told i dont need to run deca by itself.Show a bro some love because i really want to learn

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    Deca 300-400mg 1-10
    Test E 400-500mg 1-11
    winny 8-13 50mg ED

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    Deca and Winny is a super awsome stack. The only way to improve on this one is to add some test like Jenseno suggests.

    Once you kick the Winny in you say "holy shit, this stuff rocks". It just seems that after a few weeks of deca and test that the winny can really rock your world.

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