Hi everyone, I am a first time poster, I just wanted to say, awesome board . Ok so here is my dilemna. Over the winter I was getting nice and big (for my size, of course) and decided to purchase 280 10 mg winny tabs to start taking in late april in order to retain muscle mass as I increased my cardio to slim down for the summer. Then, wouldn't you know it, lo and behold I contract mono, which is not extremely tough to do in a town where 15,000 co-eds reside! So I have been sick for almost two months now, and I am nearing full recovery. It has been horrid not being able to be physically active. My plan is to first get back into the swing of things, start training slowly.

My question to you all now is this. I lost a lot of strength and some mass while sick, so I am thinking that it might be pointless to now proceed with my previous plan. Any advice on additional items to add to my stack? let me give you a brief run down of my history and goals.

I am 23 yr old male, 6 foot even at 205 lbs, 10-12 % bodyfat currently, ranging from 7-15% throughout the year. I am a newbie, I have done one mere cycle of deca , and that without anti-estrogens and HCG , due to them falling through (i learned my lesson... get everything THEN start!) My max bench (when healthy) is approx 315-330 lbs, max squat in the mid 400's currently. I am not a bodybuilder per se. My goals are:
Overall strength. I need to have good strength for my bodyweight. I would like to gain weight, but lean muscle mass is my ultimate goal. My ideal build would be about 215 with bodyfat of 5-8%. When I get down to 8% bodyfat currently, I weigh approx 190. So that means a lean muscle gain of 25 lbs.... I understand that this is a long term goal of course! Overall though I want to increase my athletic ability, ie speed, endurance, strength, vertical leap, etc. If anyone could suggest a starting cycle, I would be most appreciative! If I forgot to give any info, lemme know and I'll post it! Thanks a ton, really appreciated bro's!