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    Deca sideffects???

    I've looked up so many posts about the side effects of deca and equipose. I've done deca before (in low dosages) and never had a problem with deca dick or gyno. Now is that because maybe im not predisposed to these sides? Or is it because the dosages are low (200-300mgs a week)? Does mixing the test with the deca pretty much guarantee that i'll never see deca dick and at300mgs a week does it seem unlikely for me to get gyno?

    Or is there absolutely no way of telling until you've shot your last shot???

    I really dont want any unpleasant surprises cause i never had these troubles before

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    low mgs of deca < 300 mgs isnt really a low dosage. personally I would put some prop, or sus with the deca, and have some nolvadex on hand in case of some gyno.

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