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    cut first or bulk first?

    I am a pretty naturaly big guy, with some fat to lose, but I do have a pretty good amount of muscle, should I lose the rest of the fat first and then cut, or get huge as fuck first and then try to lose the fat? I used to weigh 265 and was a fat biotch but I got my ass in the gym and changed my diet and am now at 204. I still have a good 20 pounds to lose, should I lose it first or get big and then lose? Anyone with this kinda experience?

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    I have always found cutting first to be much much better. Why get really huge and look like shit first when you can cut and look good then bulk and look better. Plus you dont run the risk of losing a lot of your new found muscle when cutting after bulking.


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    I agree with pain. Lose the fat and then consider a bulking cycle. Once you lose the fat you can see which areas need a little work and also whether you really need to run a bulking cycle.

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    I agree as well, having done just that recently.

    I started out at 224 and dieted down to about 190. Started eating alot and lifting....but just wasn't happy because I was still to fat. So, I dieted down to 178 and then brought cals up slowly. I am in my fourth week and am eating so much now it is a struggle sometimes, but all that food is going to the right places...(not the gut!).

    I am much happier with results now that I got down to a satisfactory body fat percentage.

    So... I would definatley reccomend cutting first and then getting bigger.

    I cut till I thought to myself....If I was not going to lift weights, would I be happy with my body (weghit wise) the way it is now? no....keep cutting.....cardio, cardio, cardio. Am I happy..yes!!! Eat like a mofo and lift even more!

    Good luck.

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    Hit a bulker buddy, the more muscle you have on your frame, the more fat your body will burn. I think that you would be surprised with what happens when you try to do a bulker. You will shed fat regardless.

    Have you much experience with cycles? What where planning?

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