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    Please comment on my first cycle

    Dear All,

    Iím 29 have been training on and off for the last 9 years. Standing 173cm tall and weighing in at 82 kg, bf%age is between 12-15%. My arms was 10.5 inch when I started training and now 16inch. Too bad my waist has grown from 27 to 32 inch! Iím stuck at most of my lifts and thinking of juicing. Done some info gathering and came up with a plan for my first cycle detailed below.

    Wk 1 Ė 4 Dbol 35mg ed (jump start cycle)
    Wk 1 Ė 12 Deca 400mg/wk (administer Mon and Thur)
    Wk 10 Ė 15 Winny(oral) 50mg ed (so can start clomid almost immediately)
    Wk 1- 15 Proviron 25mg ed

    Nolvadex on hand.

    Please comment on the cycle.

    Clomid therapy starts one day after last winny tab
    Day 1 300mg
    Day 2 Ė 10 100mg
    Day 11 Ė 28 50mg

    A few questions.

    1.Do I really need to take proviron everyday?
    2.Read about the signs (nipples puffy, itchy) of gyno but am afraid I would be too thick to notice. Are they really obvious?
    3.Should I get bromo to prevent progesterone induced gyno (canít seem to find bromo on the web. A potential dealer gave me a blank face when I mentioned bromo!) the stack too harsh on me body?
    5.did I miss anything?


    Dipsy [space for dipsy smiley].

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    I would:
    1. Drop the dbol completely
    2. Lower the Deca to 300
    3. Add Test Enan at 400-500mg and run it 1wk past the deca

    If you don't add test, i would suggest taking the proviron for libido because you won't have one on Deca alone.
    Start clom,id 2 days after winny

    Don't worry about bromo if you go with these suggestions.

    Gyno symptoms are apinfully obvious. Your nipples will be sore, itchy, puffy, and you'll start to develope little peas behind them

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    The most popular first cycle is d-bol 30mg 5 weeks,sust 500mg 10 weeks and deca 400mg 10 weeks.

    If you have ever suffered from gyno symptoms than you may get them again.I prefer Arimdex to Proviron and will help prevent rahter than using Nolva which just binds the estrogen.

    Running 2 17aa in your first cycle is not a great idea you need to decide if your first cycle is to be a bulking or cutting cycle

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    Isn't 500mg of test or sust per week too much for a beginner?

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