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    Amount of Anti-Catabolic Compounds for T3....

    Its said that a good amount of anti-catabolic gear should be taken at the same time as T3 to reduce the break down of muscle tishue and just restrict the weight lose to BF.

    However, I have yet to find a study or complete thought that states the amount of Anabolics one should be taking to effectly counteract the catabolic effects of T3.

    I JUST started summer cycle today, it goes like ths:

    100mg Prop EOD
    .5CCs Enanth EOD
    150mg Deca EOD
    ..for 12 weeks, stopped the deca at week 10.

    None the less, this is a good amount of gear, and Im sure I'll be fine combating the catabolic properties of T3, but just to make sure... I thought Id ask.

    Is this enough gear to combat the catabolic effects of T3 considering I'll start the T3 intake on week 1 of this cycle? Or should I wait till week 4 for the enanth and deca to full kick in?

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    although i dont have experience with T3 just yet, i'd have to say yes that is a lot of test and should do the trick....Vets feel free to chime in.

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    It depends on the amount of T3 you are running, your diet, the androgenic properties of the gear and of course your genetics. I would say as a base line around 500mg of test should do the trick for the average person and T3 dosage, with a good diet, the lower the diet the more AS.


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    I've ran 125mcg's of T3 with 350mg of prop a week and didn't loose any lean mass or strength.

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    Just wondering Mentalism, why are you injecting the Deca eod? Usually it is injected once a week, since it is longer lasting.

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