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    Cutting, when do I start watching weight, etc...

    Hi everyone,

    Here are my stats before I even ask my question

    Stats -
    6'0" 230 pounds (up 8 from beginning of cycle, 12 days ago), bf: ~15%
    this is my 2nd cycle
    Lifting experience: ~8 years.
    Diet: In check. Consuming ~2500 cals/day. ~350 grams <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank">protein</a></a>.

    The cycle I've chosen I know will cause me to retain some water. I'm not too worried about that since I can shed it afterwards.

    Weeks 1-2: 30 mg dbol /day (only had 2 weeks worth left)
    Weeks 1-10: 400 mg cyp
    Weeks 2-12: 75 mg Tren EOD
    Weeks 7-12: 50 mg winny ED

    The usual clomid therapy afterwards.

    My question:
    I've never cut on the sauce before. Normally, when bulking, I just eat a ton and I know weight will go up. Cutting, however, I know there will be some initial water gain, etc so as a result I'm not exactly sure when to say to myself "I need to begin losing weight now". Can you help?

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    Start right away!! You will gain a little water if your diet is good. When your water retension from the gear starts will depend on your gear. I would say you will hold some water right away from the dbol (sure you want to use dbol to cut, it can be done but not the best weapon.) You will be able to judge by the mirror, screw the scale, they lie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go by what you see your body doing and what the mirror and poking and proding yourself says.


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