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    Pre-Cycle Dr's Checkup?

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to get a check up done by a doctor before I do my first cycle. Think it's worth while? Should I explain to him why I want the check up? I mean it's better to inform him and have him keep an eye out for symptoms. Is it not in his best interest to help me knowing that I'm going to do a cycle regardless of his help or not.

    I'm 30 yo, 6 feet, 205 lbs, ~25% bf.

    Was thinking...

    1-10 - 400 mg Deca EW
    1-10 - 500 mg Sust EW
    3 weeks after last shot 300 mg Clomid
    100 mg Clomid for 7-10 days
    50 mg Clomid for 7-10 days

    Will also be have Proviron and Nolvadex on hand. Is this cycle too big for a first time user?

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    I should also mention that it is not illegal to use steroids where I live.

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    Sure, why not? Get a full blood test panel taken.

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    What will that tell me? What should I look out for?

    Sorry for the questions but I am having trouble finding out health info when on (or going to take) AS.

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    Ask for your full test panel, fsh/lsh find out your test levels. This is important because your pre-cycle levels are your normal levels, so when you finish a cycle, your goal is to have your levels normalize back to the pre-cycle levels.

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    I got the following from Steroid Encyclopaedia, it might be of some help to you and your doc:

    "Below is a brief discussion of the components of a blood
    profile and what the indicators reveal in terms of bodily

    It is not meant to be used for self-diagnosis and is only
    for personal interest.

    Too many factors come in to play with bodybuilding to
    attribute elevated levels to impaired function of a
    particular organ without precise and qualified investigation
    by a Physician

    > Blood Glucose (with 12 hour fast)
    Steroids can change our sensitivity to insuline and
    especially certain ones such as Human Growth Hormone , the
    direct use of Insuline, as well as others. Checking this
    level will help monitor your insuline sensitivity.

    > Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    This reading will help a physician to determine the
    function of the kidneys in terms of urea filtration in the
    kidneys. Steroids have the potential of damaging the
    filtration system of your kidneys.

    > Creatinine
    This again checks the function of the kidney's by way of
    its ability to clear the by-product creatinine from the
    system. These levels could also be high due to <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a>
    usage as the by-product of <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a> usage is creatinine. It
    is important to have a doctor who you trust and whom you
    can reveal all the particulars to.

    > BUN/Creatinine Ratio
    Again, this is a predictor of kidney problems whether they
    be temporary or permanent.

    > Total Protein
    Blood excesses MAY indicate kidney damage. It is important
    to note that in some of these areas of indicators
    bodybuilders may have levels that are higher in a transient
    way rather than a permanent way. Also, whenever I have used
    <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a> , my levels of creatinine were higher but their was
    no indication otherwise of kidney damage. It was just a by-
    product of the <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a> usage. This is one reason that I
    advocate that bodybuilders use Physicians that are familiar
    with Sports Medicine and the various peculiarities that go
    with supplementation but which may only be fleeting changes
    in blood chemistry.

    > Albumin
    Can indicate Kidney damage.

    > Globulin
    Again can indicate the possibility of Kidney damage.

    > Albumin/Globulin Ratio
    Aspects pertinent to kidney function.

    > Total Bilirubin
    Liver damage is sometimes indicated by high levels of

    > Alkaline Phosphatase
    High levels of this can be a marker for liver damage.

    > GGTP
    This is the most reliable and specific marker for liver
    damage and can be stubborn in bringing down if total
    recovery is even possible. In some cases such as chemical
    induced hepatitis and other instances of damage it may
    remain elevated indefinitely. The liver is a very resilient
    organ but it does have its limitations.

    > AST(SGOT)
    A marker for muscle/liver damage.

    > ALT(SGPT)
    Also a marker for liver damage.

    > LDH
    An indicator for muscle/liver/coronary problems. I keep a
    close eye on this one as I think that it is more indicative
    of real problems than the changing nature of my cholesterol
    levels which are only temporary.

    > Cholesterol
    This helps your doctor to decide if you are in the realm of
    coronary risk. The elevation of cholesterol even if
    temporary is a pretty inescapable aspect of AS usage. I
    eat very clean with respect to saturated fats at all times.
    Also, I do a lot of cardio off cycle and on cycle, unless
    gains are crucial. Additionally, I use a niacin supplement,
    guggul, and Chinese rice yeast to spike my healthy
    cholesterol which in turn "fights" the unhealthy

    > HDL and LDL Cholesterol Levels
    It is important to have a proper balance of these two. The
    HDL(good cholesterol) helps keep the LDL in balance but the
    HDL is often driven down with AS usage. HDL less than 35 is
    not good and can have serious implications in terms of
    health consequences.

    > Cholesterol/High Density Lipo<a href="" target="_blank">protein</a>(HDL)
    The HDL level is looked at here to assess the risk of
    coronary artery damage in conjunction with any other
    relevant findings that would confirm that.

    > Triglycerides
    If these levels are high it could also be an indicator of
    coronary damage. Other factors such as high sugar
    consumption and alcohol could also be the culprit.

    > Total Testosterone
    Helps to assess the function of our natural testosterone
    production and depending on how long one has been off the
    cycle it may indicate whether your levels are functioning
    normally again or not. Long term usage without proper
    cycling or long durations of excessively high dosages of AS
    can permanently alter these levels in a negative way.

    > Cortisol
    Much can be said about how cortisol levels change in the
    athlete as he/she trains, but generically these levels are
    watched to look for adrenal problems or to indicate over-
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    Everything that Martin put up is what you need. It's called a bio-chem profile. The doc should be able to go over each one and give some averages on where they should be. But remember, bodybuilders levels are sometimes ellevated higher than the average from the stress we put on ourselves with all the extra food we consume. More work the body does processing nutrients can mean organs are working harder. Thats usually why they tell you not to eat 12hrs before hand.

    This test will give you an idea of where your levels need to be before you start another cycle down the road

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    You guys (and this site) rock!

    I have searched the net for hours trying to find some answers about AS and my health. Thanks guys!

    Last does AS raise a person's blood pressure? Anytime I have had a BP test done I was normal...what can cause it to rise and what level is considered unhealthy? How often should I get it checked while on AS?

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