okay guys here is the story so far

sus 250 500mg week 1 to 8
durabolin 400mg week 1 to 8
dbol 20mg week 2 to 6
ethlestrenol 25mg day 8 to 10.

last cycle was much the same went from 14st 10 to 16st 3 this time i dont want to add as much weight so i am doing cardio hour in the morning on bike and half hour at night on cross trainer after gym work and man is it working i am staying quite ripped i am going into my third week adding a little bit of weight but no water or very little, strengh is going up quite quickly having to eat a lot of carbs to keep energy levels up so i guess if i add half stone i will look great and hopefully stay quite ripped at the same time what do you guys think any ideas would be great.

its not over till its over.