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Thread: cut first?

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    cut first?

    Hey guys,
    I just read a thread asking whether it is better to cut first then bulk or bulk up first and then cut the fat. It seems like everyone agrees on cutting the fat first then bulking up. I have the same problem in that I want to get bigger, but I need to lose some fat. I wanted to know if I should cycle winny for 6-8weeks by itself to cut some fat off while putting on a little bit of lean muscle and then at the end of the winny start taking some test. I'm still a novice user with only one cycle of sust under my belt. I'm just so used to everyone recommending a 8-10weeks cycle of test with winny thrown in for weeks 6-12. What do you think?

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    Don't listen to other people, but instead look at yourself, do you find it much easier to gain weight naturally or lose? I am an ecto, so i can eat as much as i want and sit at home without gaining weight, infact i'll lose. So in my case i don't have to worry bout it, i can gain as much as i want, cause cutting is very easy for me. Where if its harder for u to cut then do that now and only focus on bulkin quality muscle after, not water.

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    full intensity.......good advice bro

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